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WiFi analyzer is the most recent WiFi hacker application that has made its way into the blackhat world. Barely a fortnight after one of the WiFi hacking tools went down the drain, another one reaches the shore. While the WiFi analyzer can help mitigate the impact of your mammoth data bills on your finances, other WiFi hacking tools are clearly not cut out for this task. The best-laid plans for decreasing your unjust phone bills every month is simply to use the WiFi analyzer as it just doesn't analyze your WiFi router, but dig its roots on other WiFi routers as well. Sometimes the decryption of WPA2 signals emitted out by each router can go awry while you use other WiFi hacking tools, WiFi analyzer makes it look like a kid's job. The well-established fact of 99% success rate of hacking WiFi passwords of others routers is a testimonial to this application in itself. Reaffirming the quality of this application, many famous tech freaks and bloggers have listed out a critically acclaimed review on this application in their blog and pinned it in the homepage for the general public's reach. The proactive involvement of surfers in those blogs would raise the credibility of the blog and popularity of the already famous wifi password hacker software application as well. This wifi hacker app has been rated a staggering 4.1 out of 5, which is too good for a utilitarian software, in softpedia. So many arguments, rather than just stories, could be made to reaffirm the quality of this wifi hacker app.

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Although legality and unethicality of applications have coexisted for ages, WiFi analyzer is perfectly, without an inch of doubt, legal. As I can see, all WiFi hacking tools won't have a happy ending like the WiFi analyzer, as the analyzer is a form of ethical hacking and is a pioneer in the wifi hacking concept. The working of this application led many people to argue that the analyzer application just doesn't analyze, it hacks. Well their impeding conversation efforts won't lead them anywhere as this application has been certified ethical and is used even by the government officials over the globe. That is the reason it is being legally given out at thewifihacker.Skeptics, who even after testing out the application for themselves, and running a virus scan online, aren't mightily impressed and find themselves in a uncomfortable place to quell the dwelling doubts about this application. For the application's sake, it is advised the end users inculcate a sense of belief in themselves and take the leap because the WiFi analyzer app can take you to draconian heights by quashing your mobile bills. The pervading ambivalence is the nature of all skeptics and if this application, probably the best wifi hacker application, couldn't put an end to that ambivalence, no other application, not in the next 100 centuries, can. It is my humble request, to the skeptics to quell the apprehensions, which poses itself to them as doubts, and proceed with the WiFi analyzer download and, to the incandescent technological freaks to write about the WiFi analyzer and spread.